Estate and succession planning is crucial to ensure that the right assets go to the right people at the right time and for this to be completed tax efficiently.

Most of all, estate and succession planning will allow you to feel good about your financial affairs by providing you with the ‘peace of mind’ that your assets are taken care of when you can no longer care for them yourself.

Protecting and providing for those we care about is something we all want to do. This is more than a will, it’s about careful estate planning, the smart use of trusts and professional advice to protect your wealth and feel good about the future of your family.

Next Steps

It is not always an easy conversation but it is a very important process to embark upon and certainly feels good to have in order. At Acuity Advisers we want to help you through this process by first understanding your Estate Planning wishes, guiding you through various tax considerations and work with legal professionals to ensure that you have a Will and Estate plan meeting your requirements.