Most successful people have one thing in common; they have a written plan that defines their goals with clear timeframes and the strategies to achieve them.

When it comes to planning for your lifestyle and finances the path to success is no different. You need a plan that takes into account your current situation, where you want to be in the future, and how you are going to get there.

Your relationship with Acuity Advisers begins by us taking the time to understand you, your goals and your values from your career to your family, where you like to holiday and what your vision is for the next 5, 10 or 20 years. We take the time to listen and ask questions that you may not have considered or openly discussed.

Below is a step by step process of what you can expect from an initial engagement with Acuity Advisers. Many people wonder if a financial planner is right for them and procrastinate in making that first appointment. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable in meeting with us so pick up the phone and have an initial chat. Our initial meeting is filled with questions, discussion, new ideas and is generally a great conversation.

Choosing your financial adviser is a very important decision so we run our initial meetings with no cost or obligation, only if you feel comfortable and can see value in our services would you proceed.
1. Discovery Meeting
  • Helping you through the complex process of thinking about your future, defining your goals, and setting some milestones along the way
  • Proving up your current financial position, including your investments, super, risk insurances & debt
  • Understanding what financial structuring you have in your financial life, and how you are setting yourself up for success
2. Strategy Meeting
There are a number of strategies that you can adopt to achieve a better future - managing your cash flow, leveraging off the superannuation system, transitioning to retirement, and saving more.

There are also a number of strategies which will protect you from any downside - risk insurances, asset structuring, and succession planning.

Covering all of this you will need a broad investment strategy that spans all of your investments, which is built to be in sync with your goals.

We go through all of these in our strategy meeting with you, to make sure that our advice is achievable whilst still requiring you to stretch to reach your goals.
3. Modelling
This involves taking your current financial position, overlaying the strategies that we have agreed upon, projecting forward using reasonable returns expected from our investments, and coming up with a picture of your financial future.

This acid test tells us whether your goals are achievable and gives you clarity over your future.
4. Implement and Action
Lao Tzu was right: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The secret to success in creating a better future is to break this down into a series of small steps for change and improvement, that will direct you towards your goals.

Taking action formalises the agreed strategies and our recommendations to you. Importantly, it also represents a personal commitment to yourself and to us that you will be able to embrace the advice for a better future.

We take responsibility for helping you implement the changes that you will need to make a difference.

We also provide you with the tools that you will require to be able to receive feedback on how you are progressing.
5. Mentoring
Our measure of success is how deep our relationship is with you.

Trust is built over time, and by maintaining regular contact with you to monitor your progress and adapt for change.

Our ongoing review involves us refreshing ourselves on all the above steps 1 thru 4 to make sure that the goals are still relevant, and that the strategies are appropriate.